What We Do

Catalyze Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

We provide comprehensive planning, execution and dissemination of health impact assessments, at local, regional and national levels.  We provide training and capacity building to agencies engaged in or embarking on HIA work.  Our in-house graphic design and audio-visual expertise ensures a multifaceted dissemination and communications plan tailored to diverse sets of stakeholders and policymakers.

Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

As part of our work within communities we use community needs assessment as an additional tool for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions in a community.

Community Based Participatory Research

Community based Participatory Research

We have over a decade of experience and extensive expertise in community-based participatory research using various tools and techniques that guide our engagement and facilitation.  We immerse ourselves in the communities we work with, to build trust with our stakeholders and develop ongoing relationships in the process.

Catalyze Project Management

Project Management

With years of experience in managing complex, short-term and long-term projects, we can offer project management services and support to any community based projects.

Design Translation

Design Translation

We are unique in our ability to translate recommendations resulting from community research into actionable built environment interventions, design guidelines and programming.  Additionally we have capacity to execute comprehensive design and development of a range of built environment features with in-house expertise in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning.

Catalyze Grant Writing

Grant Writing

We offer professional proposal development and grant writing services through a collaborative approach to meet your organization’s strategic goals while aligning with the priorities of funders.

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