Catalyze Research and Consulting, LLC

Fostering Healthy, Livable, Vibrant Communities

At Catalyze Research and Consulting, we are driven by the passion to support and create healthy, livable, vibrant communities that thrive.  A central premise to livability is health, not merely defined by our genetic construct, but rather a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  Where we live matters.

Our bond with friends and neighbors matters.

How and where we work and play matters.

Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to choose where we live and work and play; others are not so fortunate.  How then do we achieve a world where nobody’s health is defined by their zip code?  That is our mission here.  Whether it is addressing a specific community’s needs or informing equitable policies at a local, regional and national level, we are determined to do what’s right for us all.


A recent presentation at the Environmental Design Research Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles on translating Health Impact Assessment findings into design programming. Another presentation at this conference focused on the discrepancy between on the ground data derived from immersive community engagement and high level analytical data.

Co-presented and facilitated a Post Conference Discussion Session at the National HIA Meeting in Washington, DC on Health Impact Assessments in housing and community development.

Presented at the National Health Impact Assessment Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in June 2015. One was on the use of mapping in the Reinvent Phoenix project and another on the participatory process of developing recommendation in the Coffelt HIA to overcome seemingly unsurmountable obstacles both in the built environment and political will.

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